New Focus

My new focus is to play poker every single day and aim for 10k hands. I want to play every single day and aim for 10k hands b/c if I do so I will steadily march towards my goals in poker. I will document it here to keep myself accountable. Though I have made some great lifestyle decisions so far in 2010, such as quitting smoking (and drinking), I am back to my old habits of playing just enough poker to get by. I don't want to just get by.

My best month ever is still just 185k hands. It is in the archives of this blog for August 2008. I posted every single day that month keeping track of how many hands I played and my pace for 200k. I will do the same to end this month and throughout the month of February.

I have recently upgraded my scripts and now have the best technical setup for grinding that I have ever had.

February is a short month and I am a sports nut in an Olympic city. So while I wanted to shoot for 300k or 250k I am going to make my goal just 200k. I have never actually done 200k yet. I certainly want to play much more, but I will hold myself accountable for 200k minimum.

I should mention that I managed to play one of those donkaments for bloggers the other day. First time I have managed to play in a single event in 3 years while signing up every year lol. I finished 30th out of 1800 or so for a $33 SCOOP entry. Lost a big race blah blah. There wasn't another pay jump ($215 entry) til the FT so I really didn't mind much as I really can't stand tournaments. Being chained to my desk for hours on end is not my idea of a good time.
Anyways, I will play the SCOOP thing, whenever it happens, and report about the winnings here.

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