Ok day

Feels like the first 60k hands at NL25 have been mostly running bad. KK vs AA is just ridiculous in my opponents favor this month. Its like 10-2 now. Hard to make up that many buyins. So after 60k hands I have a winrate of 2ptbb/100. I believe its double that at least under normal circumstances. But what can you do.

Today I played 7700 hands at 15/12/3 and made 5.5 buyins after being stuck 4 buyins midway through the first session. Swings during this 60k have been ridiculous also. Anyways, it was a decent day. I'm at ~4100 VPP now on the month with ~15k FPP. As always, I need to play more. 7700 hands is decent for one day. 10k is better though.

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