Monday, December 8, 2008

Ok day

Feels like the first 60k hands at NL25 have been mostly running bad. KK vs AA is just ridiculous in my opponents favor this month. Its like 10-2 now. Hard to make up that many buyins. So after 60k hands I have a winrate of 2ptbb/100. I believe its double that at least under normal circumstances. But what can you do.

Today I played 7700 hands at 15/12/3 and made 5.5 buyins after being stuck 4 buyins midway through the first session. Swings during this 60k have been ridiculous also. Anyways, it was a decent day. I'm at ~4100 VPP now on the month with ~15k FPP. As always, I need to play more. 7700 hands is decent for one day. 10k is better though.

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