Only 11 buyins today

But in less hands (7500) so a better winrate than yesterday. I continue to run pretty decently here these past few days and it feels great. Poker is so much fun and I think so clearly when running good.

I'm just playing around a 14/9/2 punishing the limpers and raising up the donk bets. I've realized that I don't need to risk much raising donk bets when I don't have much of a hand. Usually they only bet min or a little more so most of the time I can just raise them to around half the pot size and get tons of folds.

I gotta make sure I never turn the chat on. These idiots are still calling me a bot b/c I 24 table and that blows their minds. Or I'm a nit cuz I don't play 1/3 of my hands like they do. Its just pointless drivel. Just keep the chat turned off at all times.

I made silverstar today and am working on a $50 bonus. I have 12k FPP left so that means a couple more of them after this one. They should take just over 20k hands to clear so that means a couple of days. They will help get my bankroll up to where it needs to be. But its getting better after these last couple days.

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