November Totals

I ended up playing 176k hands which is pretty solid. Second most hands ever in a month, closely behind the 185k I played in August. And I didn't even play the first 5 days of November. Unfortunately the bulk of it was at NL5 but at least I ran decently well there. 25k of the hands were at NL25 and I ran pretty terribly through much of it.

But on to bigger and better things in December. I am definitely going to continue on at NL25, barring a disastrous downswing. I'm starting to get used to the limit and the regulars and I expect to beat it for 4-5ptbb/100 when things settle down a bit.

I am going to make Platinum in December and get the $650 bonuses from now on until I reach Supernova in the new year. Its decent rakeback and I expect to make 4k USD at a bare minimum with winnings and bonuses in December.

Graph for November. Click to make it bigger.

I can never get Pokergrapher and Pokertracker to sync. PT says I made $10 more but who cares. The turbulence at the end is of course NL25. Add $150 in bonuses to the total in the graph and $8 in Tourney winnings (lol) and the monthly total is $1619 USD or $2015 CAD.

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