Day 5

Hands Played Today: 9286

Total Hands Played: 40634

Hands Needed: 159366

33333 (+7301)

Jog: No (2/15)


First session went good. Second session (5400 hands) was very frustrating. I felt like I was playing damage control the entire time. I ended the second session breakeven and actually felt like that was a major success.

I folded KK preflop twice today to nitty regs. That didn't keep me from getting stacked on 2 other occasions KK vs AA. Those were both against unknowns, who I don't fold against. I didn't AA vs KK anyone today. Nor do I seem to ever do so. I know they aren't folding KK to me preflop.

I have been getting set over set often multiple times a day for the past few weeks also. Again, it seems like I never do this to people. Maybe I am making excuses. It is difficult to quantify this stuff. I am not pleased with my winrate. I think I should be beating this game for 12 ptbb/100. But it is what it is. I tried hard again today. I'll get after it again tomorrow.

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