Day 11

Hands Played Today: 0

Total Hands Played: 59031

Hands Needed: 140969

73333 (-14302)

Jog: No (4/15)


Didn't play today. No real reason. Watching too much RailHeaven on FTP perhaps. Guy has been wanting to play a lot lately, so that ridiculously huge game has been running quite often. The funny thing is that he is up the most of anyone, around 600k in the past two days, even tho the game is built around him. His 12 million in lifetime losses according to the highstakesdb is why the game runs though.

I also spent a good amount of time today reading about Archie Karas, the worlds greatest gambler. Neat story, win 40 mill, lose it all back.

Anyways, back to beating people out of their beer money tomorrow. At least I always keep what I win though lol.

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