Day 28

Hands Played Today: 5449

Total Hands Played: 174431

Hands Needed: 25569

Pace: 186665 (-12234)

Jog: Yes (13/20)


Heater? Ask for one and you shall receive it I guess. Results today were outstanding. Reformulation of my game again. I don't think nit mode is optimal. I played a 15/9/2.2 today. Basically how I was playing before the experimenting in the past few weeks with a few wrinkles.

New stuff is Limping 22-66 in EP. Tighter range when ISO'ing over 2+ limpers. Decreased flop aggression. Using overbets more in key spots. Fighting for limped pots a little more.

I don't think I'm going to actually reach 200k hands this month. That is ok though. I have smashed my old record of hands played in a month (125k). I'm still very pleased with the effort this month, especially with many more rough stretches than normal.

I obviously won't reach my exercise goal either, but again, I'm more than happy with the effort this month. The jogging combined with a good diet, which I am always trying to improve on, has been huge for me. I think exercising 2 out of every 3 days, was probably a bit too much anyways. Every other day is fine.

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