Day 23

Hands Played Today: 8544

Total Hands Played: 148835

Hands Needed: 51165

Pace: 153332 (-4497)

Jog: No (11/20)


Continue with my horrific run of cards. I really don't care anymore though. I hardly even blink anymore when I get 2 outed or coolered. Lost nut flush to str8 flush today. That was a good one lol. I think I've seen it all at this point.

Its just all about playing well through it. Poker is one long waiting game. Big rushes are extremely rare. Making the tough folds during those long stretches where nothing is working for you, means that when you do hit your rush, its all profit, not recovering losses.

Couple things. I need to play better. I am getting caught up trying to fight back against the handful of aggressive regs who all seem to want to start wars with me. Continue to 3bet them a bit lighter than most, but stop calling their 3bets OOP and floating and such. Just fold your 99 or whatever and let them have it. Its not worth the time, when there are so many fish everywhere waiting to hand me their money.

Be patient and just believe people. Give them credit. Don't make hero calls against the fish when they bet full pot. Its never a bluff. I don't care how hard it is to see what they could have possibly hit. They hit it. Fold.

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