Day 18

Hands Played Today: 7531

Total Hands Played: 115037

Hands Needed: 84963

Pace: 119999 (-4962)

Jog: No (9/20)


Played really bad today in my first session. I really have to drill it in my head to stop trying to run over a bunch of droolers. They don't fold anything! I get called by king high routinely, even on the river. I have run extremely bad this month, but I really think I'm spewing a lot still by betting their hands for them. I need to play best hand poker in its purest form.

Keys to toning down the aggression are as follows.


Drop the PFR down to 8 or so. There are no metagame principles at play here at all. This means limp 22-66 in EP. Raise your ISO standards, especially with multiple limpers. Just stop ISO'ing with SC's altogether. Also, don't ISO with small pairs anymore. The exception here is when one or two nit regs limp. ISO with your whole range there b/c its free money.


C/R with sets more when OOP and I'm the preflop caller. CBET less, especially when OOP. Again the exception is nit regs. CBET them the vast majority of the time, IP or OOP, except for highly textured coordinated flops, that miss me.
Raise donk bets from time to time, but never do it with total air.


Double barrel OOP only with an overpair, set, trips or a made hand. Do not double barrel with TPTK hands unless villains stack is a PSB. Double barrel IP a bit more liberally with TPTK type hands, but never against nit regs. Take the free card with a draw. You MUST fold to turn aggression more with TPTK and overpair hands. This is by far the biggest area of spew in my game.


Value bet, value bet, value bet.

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