Day 16

Hands Played Today: 7159

Total Hands Played: 103902

Hands Needed: 96098

Pace: 106666 (-2765)

Jog: Yes (9/20)


Good day today. Games were better than normal cuz its a weekend. Not that they ever aren't good at the limits I play. Playing well lately though, which is of course so much easier to do when you are running decent.

Really focusing on key hands more. No rash decisions. Also, making sure I'm not firing Cbets into stations as much, especially OOP. And pot controlling more with TPTK type hands.

Also, raising a little less preflop with big pairs is better. I think I was scaring away too much action before. It is situational though. On a crazy night like a Saturday, I was still getting 4 callers with a 6bb PFR. So go back to 8bb during those times.

All in all, just patience and more patience is what is needed to best exploit really bad players.

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