God Bless America

This is on Stars. I'm still there playing low stakes. I limp AJo in LP behind several limpers. A44 flop, I bet around pot when checked to. Two callers. Turn is another 4. Kind of a rare weird spot. I check behind as I'm only putting in money on a split pot right now, or building one for quads....which I have to believe is a good possibility with two callers on an A44 board? lol

To my surprise, the river comes another 4! The board now reads A4444. So naturally I bet 4 times the size of the pot on the river, for something to do. What happened next was a sight to behold. BOTH of my opponents took about 10 seconds each, before FOLDING!! LOL!! We all play the board of course, but please ship the entire pot my way :)

People playing Texas Holdem Poker for REAL MONEY on the internet, who don't fully comprehend the rules of the game. God Bless America.

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