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People ask me all the time where they should play online poker. That is why I am happy to finally put together this page with all of my favorite poker rooms to play on.

These are some of the fishiest poker sites that I have found online which also offer some of the best signup bonuses and promotions.

Since my #1 goal when playing poker is to make money, my biggest criteria when choosing a poker site is soft games and by that I mean bad poker players.

All of the poker sites listed below have plenty of them! In fact, so much so that sometimes all you need to do is simply wait for a good hand and then watch the money roll in.

Disclosure: Please note that I use affiliate links for the poker rooms below. This means that at no cost to you I might earn a small commission if you play there. The reason that I recommend the poker sites below though is because I have personally played on them for years and therefore know first hand how good the games are.

So without further ado, here are my top 5 fishiest online poker rooms.

1. 888 Poker

888 Poker is not only one of the biggest poker rooms on the internet but it also offers some of the juiciest games that you will find anywhere.

You will find terrible players just waiting to give their money away at all levels of the micros at any time of the day.

To make the deal even sweeter they are currently offering an $88 FREE no-deposit promotion for all new signups ($2 cash, $6 tournament tickets).

Along with your free bankroll starter you can take advantage of the following promotions:

  • $400 bonus in addition to $88 FREE
  • $100k First Depositors Challenge
  • $1 Million Daily Series
  • WSOP and Aussie Millions Satellites
  • 24/7 Freerolls

If you take online poker seriously then do yourself a favor and sign up at 888 today for some of the best action, game selection and bonuses that you will find anywhere on the internet.

Click here to go play at 888 Poker right now.

2. Party Poker

Party Poker has been one of the biggest online poker rooms in the world for well over a decade. They are especially known for incredibly soft games.

Party Poker also offers a massive $500 bonus to new signups which is a huge boost for small stakes players.

Along with this Party also offers some of the best promotions and tournaments online such as:

  • Bankroll Boosters
  • Weekly Majors
  • Mission Rewards
  • Fast-Forward Special Edition

If juicy games, great bonuses and tons of action is what you are looking for in an online poker room, then Party Poker should be at the top of your list.

3. Unibet

Unibet is one of the most recreational player friendly poker rooms around as they do not allow third party software and you can change your screen name frequently.

Along with this they also have a big side business in casino related games and sports betting. What does this mean? Lots of gamblers and fish!

They also offer a nice €200 welcome bonus + €10 cash ticket for all new accounts.

Unibet also offers plenty of good promotions such as:

  • Double Trouble Exclusive Freeroll Tournaments
  • Monthly Missions
  • Plenty of achievements to earn and unlock

If you are looking for incredibly loose games and a solid bonus structure, then Unibet is an excellent choice.

TonyBet Poker is a comparatively small online poker room but has excellent game quality overall.

Another thing that TonyBet Poker has going for it is an absolutely huge 100% first deposit bonus up to €2000!

To get this just sign up with the code: Starter

Along with this outstanding bonus offer TonyBet Poker also offers the following promotions:

  • SNG Heads Up Challenge
  • Welcome Bonus Package
  • Online Qualifiers to Live Events
  • Chinese Poker (best action anywhere online)

TonyBet Poker is still a small but growing poker room. But this really is part of it's charm. Often the best games online are to be found on the lesser known online poker rooms like this one.
Click here to go play at TonyBet Poker right now.

5. Titan Poker

Titan Poker is a large poker room that is part of the iPoker network. It has great action around the clock in cash games, tournaments and sngs.

They also offer a massive first time deposit bonus of 200% up to $2000!

Along with this huge bankroll booster they offer a number of other great promotions such as:

  • Unlimited Rakeback
  • Cash Game Academy
  • Twister Sit-and-Gos

If you are looking for a poker room with tons of loose action across a wide variety of formats, with a great first time bonus offering and promos, then Titan Poker is a great poker room to choose.

Click here to go play at Titan Poker right now.

Quick Note For USA Based Poker Players

None of the poker rooms listed above currently accept US based poker players. However there are several fishy sites out there that do.

I hope to put together a complete list at some point in the future. However, for the time being I would recommend checking out

Any site with a green checkmark beside it will accept deposits from US based players.

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  1. Yeah... I thought I am a great poker player, or running hot, or I have some beginner's luck, OR THE POKER ROOM I PLAY IS VERY FISHY. And yeah, I thought its most likely the site I play. And yes, its 888poker. Just a side note, their software is crap. A lot of unnecessary clicks and actions, seat selection is almost not possible... They have android app and in this application there is a button "Check/fold" and "Check/call". Yeah, you can call in the dark any bet, quite funny :) I wonder if people use this button.

    Anyway, I choose 888poker because its easiest to get HM2 for free with them. You should mention their crappy software and the possibility to get HM2 in your post.

    1. Hey Paul,

      Ya unfortunately most of these poker sites do not have great software. This is just the price that you pay for playing in good games though. I have just learned to live with it because I want to play with lots of fish.

    2. hey Paul, how do I get HM2 through 888?

  2. Hi Nathan, what do you think about the Americas Cardroom & Tigergaming?

    1. Both are ok. Wouldn't really recommend either for non-Americans though just because better options exist.

  3. HI nathan, why is pokerstars not on this list ?

    1. Because Pokerstars is well known as a tough site. This list is all about where to find the softest games (most fish).

  4. Thanks for your articles Nathan. Do you have a commercial relationship with any of these rooms?

    1. No problem, glad they help! I use affiliate links for the poker rooms above but other than that, no commercial relationship.

  5. With the exception of a handful of US states that have regulated online poker playing online is very risky.
    Its really a shame.
    There are nothing but No Pay and Slow Pay stories out there about unregulated sites.
    I even have heard about some sites having chat boxes where people talk about cards they folded with hands still in play.
    Really ? Really ? a Effing chat box shouldnt even be anywhere on a live game.
    How ANYONE ( those who make laws) could call Poker a game of chance just shows a TOTAL ignorance of Both Math and Poker.
    The online options in the US are so limited I am even considering moving to a state that has REGULATED online poker.
    ALL in ALL there is Nothing Like Live Poker, but the number of hands you can play in live is very limited.

  6. How come you don't mention the : americas card room either good or bad -
    plus it is great for american players

    1. Because this list is about the softest poker rooms. The 5 sites listed above have more fish on them in my opinion.

  7. Hi Nathan

    First of all thank you for this great site and all the work you put in to help make donkeys like me play a bit better.

    As you know, sites like Tonybet and Unibet does not allow (or the software is not compatible) the use of a HUD. Is there a method you use to keep track of stats while playing some of these sites? Or is it simply a case of playing fewer tables in order to pay more attention to player types/tendencies?

    1. No problem, glad my site helps!

      On poker rooms like this where you can't use a HUD then I am just looking for the common signs of bad poker players. Limping, undersized bets, short stack, calling too much, playing too many hands and so on.

  8. Hey Nathan, thanks a lot for the post

    One question came up: Should I care about rakeback when playing micro limits? If yes, what would be the best site to play on? If not, from what limit on should I worry about getting some rakeback?

    1. You should and you shouldn't. I mean, rakeback is useful of course because it is basically free money that you earn while playing. The problem is that at the lower stakes you rarely earn much. Also, most sites tend to offer a fairly similar amount. So until you get to stakes like NL50 or NL100 I wouldn't worry about it too much.

    2. Note taken!
      Thanks for the tip a for the quick reply.

    3. Nathan, one more question regarding choosing poker site:

      I've read other articles also recommending Titan Poker.
      Found some people who had no problem when withdrawing the money. Whereas found others telling it was a total pain in the neck.

      In your experience, do you know if there's some sort of difficulty when withdrawing the money from their site?

    4. Hey Erico, I have never had any issues with them but different people will have different experiences.

  9. Hi Nathan,

    Which is the minimum limit you think you can really take advantage of these sites' welcome bonuses?



    1. Hey Chris it varies greatly depending on the site but it is usually best to be playing NL10 or NL25 in order to clear the entire thing.

  10. Great stuff rain. Is there any possibility to rake grind at micros. Even if you are mass tabeling? A place like Tony Bet at 50% rake back could add up if you are putting in 100000 plus hands a month at micros

    1. Thanks Jay!

      Yes, pretty much all poker sites these days offer some form of rakeback. Typically you need to be playing about NL10 or higher for it to start adding up though. If you play big volume though it is very possible to makes hundreds or even thousands a month in rakeback at the higher levels of the micros.

  11. Nathan,

    How do you tag fish on Party Poker? There doesn't seem to be any way other than making notes.

    1. Hey Chris,

      I just take manual notes there, often just typing "F" for fish.

  12. At which level does the player pool in a cardroom site like PartyPoker become more fishy than PokerStars? I decided to test this and deposited on PartyPoker. I played fullring NL10 and NL25. My conclusion is, that there is no difference at all, when it comes to amount of regs, fish and skill level. However, the software on PartyPoker is so bad and ugly, that it is actually disturbing and severely -EV in itself. Also, if you play fullring games as I do, it is almost impossible to get more than 4 tables running. The player pool is very small with only about 30 players per limit in afternoon and evening hours European time.

    1. Hey Michael,

      Partypoker has been known as one of the softest sites pretty much throughout it's entire existence. With that said, it will vary depending on when you play, which levels and so on. I always find plenty of fish when I play on there, mostly micros 6max.

  13. I totaly agree on Your 5 picks they are truly soft !! I do ad one more:
    Coral poker The players are terrible

  14. What about micro sngs? I prefer sng and tournament play.

    1. I am more of a cash game player so I am no expert on this but site #1 and #2 in particular are both big and spread tons of micro sngs and tournies.

  15. Nathan, I've tried about 4 times to get a copy of "Massive profit"......can you send it to my email? If you don't have it, I'll post it here but hoping no one is a troll and starts sending me name, the number 1 @hotmail.

    1. Hi Tee Gee, sure I can send you a copy no problem. I think it would be better if you just send me an email at so I know your email for sure.

  16. Not sure if you were asked this but when you publish your article about sites that American players can play, will you also cover America's Card Room? The poker scout site you mention doesn't even have it listed. Thanks

    1. Hi, yes I will for sure. Just FYI though, America's Cardroom is listed on It is a part of the Winning Poker Network.

  17. What's your view on Sky Poker? Awesome article as always :)

    1. Thanks Oliver. I don't have enough experience with that site to want to comment.