These are my lifetime NLHE cash game winnings through mid 2011 before rakeback (add 20 or 30k more). Please note that winrates are in BB/100. Double them for bb/100.

BlackRain79 coaching all time results

The difference between me and most other coaches out there is results.

I actually have the highest winrates and winnings in the history of online poker at the NL2 and NL5 levels. I also have plenty of experience and success at levels up to NL100.

For the beginner level poker player, or anyone having trouble at the micros in general, I am among the most qualified and experienced coaching options that you will find anywhere. I have worked with over 80 students in the past two years that I have been coaching with many success stories.
I teach a TAG/SLAG style of play for both 6max and full ring.
  • My coaching rate at NL2, NL4, NL5 and NL10 is $60 per hour
  • My coaching rate at NL25, NL50 and NL100 is $80 per hour
*Please note that I do not offer any discounts or "special deals." Most coaches charge more than me and have nowhere near my results or knowledge of the game. Please feel free to go hire one of them.    

**I do not coach at NL200 or higher as I specialize in the micros and have not actively played those limits in quite awhile. 

***I do not coach short stackers or people who play in other formats such as HU, SnGs or MTTs. I coach 100bb NLHE full ring and 6max cash games only. 

Coaching Option #1

1 on 1 Skype Session:

This is the most common type of coaching that I do. We set up a time that is suitable for both of us and do a 1 hour session over Skype. The student shares his/her screen with me through Skype and we do a hand history analysis or sweat session.

Hand History Analysis

I conduct a detailed analysis of your hand history database in Pokertracker or Hold'em Manager. In the first session I prefer to go over your general and positional stats right away. I briefly discuss your strengths and weaknesses with you. This usually does not take more than 5-10 minutes.

During the hand history analysis we review any problem hands that you would like to discuss. I will also instruct you to use filters so that we can dig deeper into where the actual problem areas are (i.e., pots where you called a 3Bet). It is also useful to just do a general review of big and small losing hands in order to find any irregularities.

Sweat Session

A sweat session is where I watch you play a session and we discuss the hands as they come. This is useful for finding the more mundane nuts and bolts issues with your game such as bet sizing pre and postflop, cbet frequencies and hand selection. With most of my long term students I have found that alternating between HH analysis and sweat sessions seems to work best.

Coaching Option #2

Video Review:

Video review is another popular way of coaching that I have used with many students now. You record a video of yourself playing, upload it to me, I download it, record my thoughts over top and send it back to you. This type of coaching allows you to play and record a regular session of yours and get detailed thoughts on each hand. Since this type of coaching is not live it also allows us to avoid the timezone and availability issues that sometimes pop up especially since I live in Thailand.

How the process works

For a 1 hour coaching session you should make two videos of yourself playing poker that are roughly 30 minutes each. I think 4 regular tables (FR or 6max) and 2 tables if it is Zoom or Rush is ideal. You can play on less tables if you want but please do not play on more than this. You can record your video using a program such as

Camtasia (Windows)

Camtasia (Mac)

which has a free 30 day trial. Please do not record yourself speaking during the videos. Next, create a free account on, if you don't already have one, and then create a folder labeled "BlackRain79 Coaching (Your Name)." Share it with me by entering my email address which is

Files on Dropbox have to be under 300mb which is why I suggest splitting it up into two videos. You will also need to convert the file in Camtasia to reduce the size. Click on "produce and share" and then select "custom production settings. I suggest the MP4 format which seems to be the best for keeping the file size down as well as maintaining quality. You may also RAR or ZIP the files to further reduce the size if you wish. Upload both files to the folder that you created on Dropbox.

What I do Next

Send me an email when you have uploaded your videos. I will download them and record my thoughts over them. I will then upload them back to Dropbox where you can download and watch them. My normal turnaround time for your videos is a day or two.

You may also include any pertinent information that you would like me to comment on as well such as your general and positional stats in Pokertracker or HEM. You can just take screenshots and upload them to the Dropbox folder or briefly show them at the beginning of your video. If you have any pre-prepared general questions that you would like me to address you can also upload those in a word document or something of the sort.

If you have any questions about the above process (it is not nearly as complicated as it may sound) or with regards to coaching in general please send me an email at

Payment Options

1) Credit Card or Paypal

NL2, NL4, NL5 and NL10

NL25, NL50 and NL100

2) Moneybookers (Skrill) or Neteller

Send the appropriate amount to

*Please send me an email at if you have any questions about my coaching.

**Please note that payment for a coaching session must be made prior to it's start.