Sunday, January 29, 2012

Abusing the Button Part 2

Hey guys, here is part 2 as promised. Enjoy!


  1. how are the rake changes going to affect you?

  2. I am not sure yet to be honest. Will have to see some actual numbers. But from a first look at things it appeared to me that microstakes did well.

  3. You didn't have an example of a hand where the somebody calls your bet on the flop. What do you do then especially when you don't have anything. I just usually check on turn, because I get suspicious that they actually have something and I'm too afraid getting myself too deep into the pot.

  4. Ya sorry about that. I just pulled the hands at random. I think at least one hand went past the flop in the last video (part 1) so check that out.

    I usually check and give up when I get called and don't have anything on the turn as well. Although against some players, regs or SLP who like to float a lot I will barrel on some scare cards.


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