Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Alright, gotta work harder

I just erased a huge long rant post that was up for a few hours. Sorry if anyone had to read that.
I do this from time to time. It helps me realize that I am whining, stfu and work harder, get better.

Back at NL25, been getting killed so far, 18 buyin downer. Longest ever is 12 so its been pretty disheartening. Definitely some tilt going on. But running beyond bad at this limit still also. I think my game could be a whole lot better though. I know there are several guys at this limit that are quite a bit better than me.

So, I'll find out what they are doing that I'm not. Been intensely studying a couple of the biggest winners the past few nights and have some new ideas. One of the great things about having a huge database is you get to see their holecards much more often than if you just tried to study someone via PTR etc.

Hopefully this downswing ends soon. A big part of it has been losing a couple monster pots double or triple stacked where they hit their 2,3,4 outer. If you run bad in some big pots it can turn a fairly harmless downswing into a massive one like this. So I've stopped buying in deep for the time being.

I also really gotta keep the table count down. Still playing 24 most of the time and making the same old stupid mistakes because of it.


  1. Nathan,I hope you figure out your leaks in that game.I know it prob isn't tilt because i have reviewed lots lots of your hands on ptr when you played .01-.02 & .02-.05 games and you just don't tilt . I am a winning micro stakes player mostly from doing the same, reviewing the top players hands, and that top player was you at the time. Bet sizes and the hands that you played all the way threw.I am getting close to start playing .10-.25 games prob next month if i keep running and playing well. So i will have to start reviewing the top players also. I just have the 10 free look ups on PTR a day so i will study as many hands as i can. If i do turn into a winning .10-.25 player i will be more than happy to talk to you on skype if you want Nathan. Because it would make my day to teach you something LOL like that would happen..Take care good luck Chris

  2. Yeah that happened to me too! Its hard to leave volume once you've been there, specially with the amounts of play per day you have done in the past! So basically its finding the balance in Good Play and Volume to find your optimal winrate, Plus, you get tu improve your game faster imo, fpps will come along with the wins.

    (Sharing unrelated interview

  3. Hello Nathan, I've been reading your blog and now I have one thing to ask. I've been 24-tabling the $5NL for quite a while now and I grew my bankroll up to $600 and thinking of giving 25NL a shot. I watched your 'crushing the micros', but there was nothing on 25NL. So can you tell me the main differences between 5NL and 25NL? What should you change in strategy comparing to how you played 5NL? Thanks a lot. (As a side note, I'm moving up from 5NL directly to 25NL because 10NL doesn't make much sense to me, plays the same as 5NL)

  4. I think there actually is a decent difference between NL5 and NL10 but I haven't played enough of the latter to say for sure. Just saying you might not want to skip if you are relatively new to poker.

    NL5 and NL25 are very different games. Much more 3betting, much better regs. Lots of weak nits just like NL5 tho. And fish are fish but there are less of them at NL25.

    There should be 2 NL25 vids coming out this month and maybe more next month btw. As for changing your game. I would try not to change much. Just do what got you there and adapt.

  5. Yea i wouldn't skip .10nl, there are some changes you need to do at that level compared to .05 nl ..

  6. @ Alin

    I don't understand the purpose of 24 tabling that limit. Don't you think your time would be better served by scaling it down and attempting to move up?

  7. i have a question for you dude. I wanna build up a big roll at nl2, i, willing to play even more hands than you did lol, i started by playing with 50bb, then 100bb and few days ago with 250bb deep, i just cannot reach the 12-14BB/100 winrate that you maintained all the way through the millions of hands you played there. im playing something like 14/8/2 , i dont really have tilt problems, i do not stack off with TPTK unless i know im facing a maniac. I just would like to know how would you play in that limit to get such a winrate. its not like im not beating the stake, just not at that winreate.

  8. Whats new Nathan? Hows this month going so far?

  9. Guys, I'm really sorry that I missed approving the last two comments from last week. I haven't checked here in awhile as it was supposed to email when I received comments.


    Nice name haha. I'm not sure that those winrates that I had in the past are possible anymore. The game is constantly changing and players are getting better. A good player can still beat NL2 for prob 10-12 BB mass tabling tho.


    Going ok. Haven't been playing much poker though.

    Obviously with the events of yesterday I am not sure what is going to happen. Just kind reading up on it like you all I'm sure. I hope that one day all this nonsense can end and the game that we all love can be licensed and regulated properly.